AI: Making Data Protection Simpler

Marilena Balzano - 9 July 2021

The challenges created by cyber threats, the exponential growth of data, changing regulations and rising customer expectations have all significantly increased the need for data compliance and security.

Thanks to natural language processing and analysis capabilities, artificial intelligence enables the identification and anonymization of sensitive personally identifiable data (PII) contained in any volume of information. Managing Director of Switzerland Domingo Senise De Gracia and Knowledge Solutions Analyst Lisa Ferrari will be joined by AI Business Global Editor Max Smolax to discuss how AI can help strengthen your data analytics capabilities.

Join us on Tuesday, July 20 at 11 a.m. GMT to learn:

  • How to apply AI and NLP to identify names, account numbers, email addresses and other sensitive data in text
  • How to work with large data sets containing sensitive PII data while remaining in compliance with GDPR and similar regulations
  • The importance of AI in identifying, removing and anonymizing sensitive data while maintaining the integrity of your datasets

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