AI-based solution for supporting US Federal Organizations

We help government organizations better serve citizens by providing the digital experiences they expect while accelerating and augmenting the process of managing large volumes of complex information.

Our solutions range from smart search that empowers back office and compliance activities to citizen customer services and social listening analytics. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, we improve knowledge-based process automation by making all data more easily accessible and reducing the time spent in repetitive, manual and highly labor-intensive activities.

Back Office Optimization

Reduce the time spent by employees on mundane and repetitive tasks by intelligently automating processes

Compliance and Legal Document Management

Apply Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to augment human capabilities for reviewing legal documents, ensuring compliance and evaluating the impact of new legislation

Citizen Support and Digital Experience

Leverage NLU for self-service systems, chatbots, virtual assistants and optimization of email management

Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

Take RPA to the next level by integrating NLU at the beginning of the process by providing bots with additional data from unstructured documents from front and back office operations, internal workflows, etc.

Digital Customer Interaction

Enhance multichannel engagement, providing natural language interfaces, self-service systems, chatbots, email management and optimize other customer channels