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Advanced semantic research engine for the website

Advanced semantic research engine for the website

ing direct

Expert.ai developed an advanced semantic search engine for ING, optimizing search and information retrieval on its customer portal at www.ing.it. The search portal helps customers quickly find the content they need, resulting in a 46% reduction in call center requests.

The advanced semantic engine developed for ING is a combination of two powerful semantic products: our semantic search and analysis, and oour technology for natural language processing. Together, they bring a complete semantic and linguistic understanding to customer queries, taking into account variations in language such as slang or abbreviations, and result in the effective and immediate retrieval of answers to online requests.


  • Simplified search on the portal www.ing.it and improved user experience.
  • Strengthened online customer service while reducing traditional assistance.
  • Increased use of the search portal has led to a 46% reduction in call center requests.

ING is always looking for innovative and interactive services that extend the range of our offer and ensure more accurate customer support. Expert.ai’s semantic technology has allowed us to implement a system that improves identification of customer needs, allowing us to satisfy them quickly and effectively while improving our call center performance.