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Expert.ai Hybrid AI Platform Integrates GPT

15 February 2023

Expert.ai (EXAI:IM), the industry leader in providing AI-powered language solutions to enterprises, announced today the integration of OpenAI’s GPT in its platform. Users can access, customize, test, and deploy AI solutions based on GPT all from the expert.ai hybrid AI platform. The ability to leverage these solutions with the tools and workflows of the expert.ai platform’s open architecture offers users the power to choose and combine AI approaches to create value from the language that powers businesses.

Expert.ai CEO Walt Mayo said: “The integration of GPT and our ability to do the same with similar large language models (LLMs) offers our customers choice in any AI technique that delivers value. Our platform is designed for the real-world needs of enterprises to ensure accuracy, governance, and return on investment.  It delivers an end-to-end, integrated, and intuitive capability to take language in any form and build AI-powered solutions in any process or application.  And the flexibility of our platform will ensure businesses can continue to pick the best combination of tools as AI language technology evolves.”

The emergence of LLMs and applications like ChatGPT has brought the power of natural language (NL) AI to the forefront. But a single approach rarely solves the complex language problems enterprises face.  Expert.ai uniquely offers the power of the full range of AI approaches – including machine learning, deep learning, knowledge-based, and now LLMs – to enable the most cost-effective and accurate solutions in a single environment for a range of real-world applications. The expert.ai hybrid AI platform’s intuitive low-code NL Flow orchestration capability allows users to define the entire end-to-end process from document ingestion to API deployment of an AI language solution. This includes using multiple AI approaches in the workflow based on their respective strengths and providing tools for subject matter experts to guide and improve the outcomes. According to Forrester*, this use of “hybrid AI delivers the best results for NLP (natural language processing) applications.”

Expert.ai CTO Marco Varone noted: “The excitement around ChatGPT is part of the growing recognition that language is emerging as the key use case for AI.  But as with any new technology, businesses need to get past the hype and understand how to apply it to solve real problems.  LLMs have made real progress in generating human-like language, but they struggle with providing reliable and accurate responses.  Adding our strength in knowledge-based approaches provides a critical tool in ensuring the accurate outcomes businesses need as they use AI to navigate and accelerate language in the enterprise responsibly.”

With deep expertise and single-minded focus on the value of AI powered language technology, expert.ai has delivered solutions across industry leading enterprises in insurance, banking, information services, and life sciences.  With the recent platform release and the integration of GPT access, expert.ai continues to reinforce its leadership in the practical application of AI language capability in the enterprise.

You can see the expert.ai platform with GPT integration in our upcoming NLP Stream demo on March 2 at 11 am ET / 5 pm CET:


*Forrester Best Practice Report, Hybrid AI Delivers Best Results For NLP Applications