takes part in NATO “Exercise Eagle Hermes 2020” training

Silvia Melegari - 23 September 2020 recently participated in “Exercise Eagle Hermes 2020,” a week-long training event organized by the multinational NATO Rapid Deployable Corps – Italy (NRDC-ITA). The NATO Command was established in Milan, Italy in 2001, and it often leads training and operational exercises in Italy and abroad. NRDC-ITA personnel from 18 Alliance countries come together to plan and conduct military operations based on the NATO approach through cooperation with a range of non-military entities.

One of the main objectives of “Exercise Eagle Hermes 2020” was to encourage sharing of experiences and perspectives on today’s digital challenges, where the use of increasingly sophisticated technologies, such as artificial intelligence, is a critical factor for success.

Today, the ability to address new risk scenarios and simplify decision-making and knowledge sharing processes in a way that is both up to date and comprehensive depends on analysts’ ability to make use of available information. What technologies and skills must be put in place to effectively rebalance the human-data relationship? And how can we counter the exponential growth of data and continue to exercise control over it, while rapidly scaling the ability to monitor and acquire the most strategic information from increasingly dynamic and diverse flows of information, all in real time?

Artificial intelligence technologies are gaining traction within public and private organizations that are dedicated to analyzing the information environment,” said Marco Varone, CTO. “The ability to intercept weak signals within a continuously expanding perimeter of interests such as epidemic intelligence, for example, to correlate internal and external data and to have an information framework that is automatically updated are just a few examples of how analysts and Artificial Intelligence can work together.”

There was also an emphasis on the crucial role of artificial intelligence solutions for activating effective and timely alert systems that can accelerate and support research into biological threats, especially for those related to the spread of COVID-19. The use of machine learning and knowledge expansion techniques and the ability to exploit out-of-the-box domain knowledge using a knowledge graph, taxonomies, and ontologies provides analysts with new tools for analyzing the information environment.

See the NRDC-ITA Facebook page for photos of the event at this link.

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