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France’s UNICANCER chooses TEMIS and SWORD to Accelerate Clinical Research by Analyzing Patients’ Electronic Health Records

9 March 2015

Rockville, MD, USA – March 9, 2015

– Joint project will accelerate the constitution of relevant patient cohorts for clinical research

TEMIS, the leading provider of Semantic Content Enrichment solutions for the Enterprise, today announced that its solution Luxid® has been chosen by France’s UNICANCER, the Federation of French Cancer Centers (CLCCs), as the semantic module for its ConSoRe (Continuum Soin-Recherche) project driven by SWORD Consulting and Services.

Clinical Trials help progress the fight against cancer by validating promising treatments on actual patients. The 20 French CLCCs drive such clinical studies on coherent cohorts of patients who have
similar clinical profiles. But identifying patients whose profile matches trial requirements is traditionally a particularly laborious process involving the manual review of potentially millions of
patient records. This pre-screening step therefore considerably slows down the launch of clinical studies.

The focus of the ConSoRe project is a search tool enabling Cancer Centers to rapidly aggregate coherent cohorts of patients who meet the required criteria (gender, tumor type, treatment …).
“ConSoRe enables researchers to rapidly evaluate the feasibility of their proposed clinical study. If a sufficient number of candidates are identified, they are then contacted to implement the study,”
explains Emmanuel Reyrat, Information Systems Director at UNICANCER.

ConSoRe implements a data processing workflow that accelerates this identification phase. At the core of this workflow automated by Antidot’s AIF and AFS solutions, TEMIS’s Luxid® platform
extracts medical references, family histories, TNM cancers and tumors classification as well as their locations, from patient records. This information is then indexed as metadata and leveraged in the
form of facets to accelerate the search and navigation process within patient records and ultimately the selection of relevant candidates. ConSoRe is currently being tested in 4 pilot CLCCs: Georges-
François Leclerc Center in Dijon, Regional Institute of Cancer of Montpellier, Curie Institute in Paris and Léon Bérard Center in Lyon.

“In ConSoRe, patient records are first normalized to a pivot format and then semantically structured with the Luxid® platform from TEMIS,” said Frederik Joly, Project Manager, SWORD. “We have been working in close collaboration with TEMIS for several years on semantic projects and a genuine relationship of trust has developed between our two companies.”

“The digital transformation comes with a 50% annual increase of unstructured content. In healthcare, analytics applied to « Textual Big Data » such as patient records is instrumental both in
focusing research, as well as in developing personalized, more efficient and inexpensive treatments,” said Daniel Mayer, VP Product & Marketing, TEMIS. “ConSoRe further affirms Luxid®’s positioning as a strategic accelerator in healthcare.“