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How is AI changing the Insurance landscape? | Insurtech on the Silicon Prairie, Omaha, Nebraska – October 22, 2019

Expert System will take part in Insurtech on the Silicon Prairie, the one-day event on October 22, 2019 organized by the Nebraska Department of Insurance and the Nebraska Insurance Federation.

The event brings together leading experts and companies to discuss how technology like Artificial Intelligence is rapidly transforming the insurance landscape.

Michael Watt, VP of Expert System, will participate as a speaker, discussing how technology – especially Cognitive AI – is revolutionizing the industry. He will discuss:

  • How in Underwriting, AI can speed up quote submissions and risk assessment
  • How in Claims and Analytics, AI can make the unstructured data contained in documents actionable to extract key information, automatically adjudicate claims, and identify potential fraud signals in real-time
  • How in Email Management, AI can improve both customer experience and operational efficiencies

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