The NL API delivers a comprehensive set of language analysis features to help developers and data scientists quickly build natural language processing (NLP) applications that deliver deep language understanding with superior accuracy.

Powered by technology, which mimics the human ability to read and process complex information, the NL API provides contextual language understanding to extract meaningful information from unstructured data without time-consuming training.

Out of the box, the NL API offers multi-language support to resolve ambiguities in text, extract key phrases, recognize named entities and the relationships between concepts, determine sentiment, and categorize documents with embedded taxonomies. Use the NL API on its own or easily embed in your existing AI processes to increase productivity, reduce development costs, and optimize insight with’s precise understanding of text.

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Leverage the Power of Natural Language Understanding

The NL API analyzes text in a matter of seconds, returning a wide variety of linguistic data that can be employed in any natural language understanding (NLU) based application that supports text classification or data extraction. With, you achieve a deeper, richer understanding of language with speed and accuracy.

Understand When an Apple is a Fruit and When it is a Company. The NL API is able to resolve ambiguities in text by identifying the relationships between concepts and assigning a specific meaning to each word thanks to’s proprietary knowledge graph. This is called disambiguation and it’s a unique benefit of the hybrid approach to NLU. The NL API leverages’s proprietary knowledge graph to understand text without training, increasing accuracy, speed and the ability to handle complex information.

Understand the Most Important Entities to Extract.

Quickly identify the main people, organizations and places named in an article, as well as related references such as titles, nicknames and pronouns. Easily learn more about each entity with links to open data sources such as Wikidata, DBpedia and GeoNames.

Understand How to Categorize Documents.

Without any training, the NL API can categorize an article based on embedded taxonomies including IPTC Media Topics and a geographic taxonomy.

Understand if the Butler Did it (Who Did What).

Our NL API identifies the relationships between the subject, action and object words (SAO) in a sentence to help you answer questions such as “who did what when”. Learn more about the importance of SAO in NLP.

Understand if the Tone is Positive or Negative.

Sentiment analysis features evaluate concepts, as well as the relationships between these concepts and other elements in text to identify how positive or negative the overall tone of the content is.

Understand if the Customer is Feeling Joy.

Leverage our emotional and behavioral traits taxonomies to identify emotions displayed in text and personality traits associated with a person. For example, if an email from a customer contains words associated with happiness the state of mind of the writer will be categorized as happy.

Understand if Information is Sensitive.

Automatically identify and classify personally identifiable information (PII) that needs to be protected to maintain compliance with GDPR and other privacy regulations. Learn more about PII.

Understand the Writer’s Style.

Our Writeprint extension provides information on the readability of a text, vocabulary richness, document structure and grammar. This stylometric analysis can be used to identify characteristics of an author such as level of education or you can compare multiple documents to identify the author.

Bring Natural Language Capabilities to Your Applications

Our NL API is designed to help data scientists and developers solve language-based business challenges by transforming unstructured language data into knowledge and insight. Easily embed our advanced AI-based natural language capabilities into your application with our NL API. Examples of the value you can create with technology, include:

  • Improving search indexing and results
  • Analyzing the sentiment and emotions displayed in customer emails to prioritize responses to the most urgent cases
  • Building more intelligent chat bots
  • Extracting event information from business documents such as insurance claims
  • For more examples of what you can do with the NL API, check out our recent hackathon project gallery.