Capture the Strategic Value of Language Data

Enable human-like language understanding at speed and scale, for any domain or process.

The ability to access, understand and use data is critical to the success of your business. This includes the unstructured language data in your emails, contracts, chat messages and other important documents. Language is data and language powers your business. It’s how you communicate, process, and interpret information. Your top performing team members leverage their own knowledge and experiences to identify the important elements and relationships in language data, applying these insights to decision making. As the amount of unstructured language data grows exponentially, how will you scale your capabilities to enable your experts to focus on the tasks that matter most?

Our new hybrid NL platform provides deep, human-like understanding of unstructured language data and turns it into knowledge and insights so you can make faster, more consistent decisions with knowledge-rich process automation. Powerful enough for the most advanced use cases and simple enough for anyone to use, the Platform helps to accelerate, augment, and expand expertise across the enterprise for every language-based job or process.

Power Any Application That Uses Language Data

Accelerate development with a simple, integrated purpose-built NL platform.

Built for collaboration, the NL Platform consolidates your natural language capabilities into an intuitive, end-to-end platform that enables your teams to quickly deliver impactful results. Natural language understanding (NLU) experts, data scientists and business analysts can leverage a comprehensive set of powerful AI tools and workflows to build and customize natural language pipelines at each step in the process, from data ingestion and cleaning to model tuning and development, and deployment and monitoring.


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Automate Processes and Simplify Knowledge Discovery

Expand the capacity of your own experts by applying enterprise-wide natural language capabilities.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
Consolidate natural language portfolios and minimize technical debt by building and deploying a single, comprehensive platform across your organization.
Maximize Performance
Our flexible, easy-to-use platform allows users to apply symbolic, machine learning and deep learning techniques, separately or in combination, ensuring the highest accuracy for each use case.
Future Proof
Our open, curated platform ensures you always have access to the most practical and effective tools and algorithms.
Minimize Bias
Count on full transparency with explainable and interpretable AI. Our customized, use case-specific algorithms are fully explainable once data has been uploaded into a model.
Optimize Usability
Put your solutions into production with just one click and monitor performance in real time.
Augment Decision Making
Empower subject matter experts to find the signal through the noise and identify the relationships that matter most — enabling faster and more consistent business decisions, at a fraction of the cost.

The Power of Hybrid NL

Knowledge requires understanding, not just data. Increase understanding with 

Machine learning models are trained to process language, but they lack one crucial component: knowledge. Data alone does not equal knowledge. You acquire knowledge through understanding. The most effective way to teach software to understand language data is to use a knowledge graph. This natural language processing tool is a central component of a symbolic AI approach and the cornerstone technology behind the hybrid NL platform.  

No single NLU technique is the perfect fit for every application. That’s why gives you the ability to select or combine AI techniques that employ machine learning, deep learning and symbolic knowledge representation. Embrace the best of each and focus on the success metrics that are most valuable for each use case, such as explainability, scalability and accuracy. 

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