The Expert Guide to Natural Language Understanding

Language powers business. It fuels processes, shapes internal and external communication, and offers insight into the markets that surround us. We spend enormous amounts of time immersed in the language of our work — processing and interpreting documents, searching for information as well as engaging with both customers and each other. And the volume of that language continues to grow exponentially.

Our vision is to enable the expert enterprise with simple, powerful AI tools that ensure accurate language understanding at speed and scale, for any domain or process. With the NL Platform, we can realize that vision by providing deep understanding of language, from complex documents (e.g., contracts, emails, reports, etc.) to social media messages, and turning it into knowledge and insight that make for faster, better decisions — the way an expert would.

Read the following brief to learn:

  • How to maximize AI effectiveness with hybrid NL
  • How to build your NL capability on a single platform across your organization
  • Why the Platform is the best solution to your natural language challenges



The Expert Guide to Natural Language Understanding

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