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500 Start Ups Selects Cognitive Computing Provider Expert System as First Semantic Analytics Tool for Members

1 septiembre 2015

Chicago – August 27, 2015

– Cogito API Solution to Help Members Accelerate the Path to Revenue Through Content Analysis

CHICAGO –August 27, 2015 – Expert System (EXSY.MI), the leader in multilingual semantic intelligence technology for the effective management of unstructured and open source information, today announced that 500 Start Ups, one of the world’s most recognized seed fund and accelerator firms, has selected Cogito API as its first semantic analytics tool available to members. Expert System will provide 500 Start Ups members with Cogito API, a semantic intelligence solution for building new data analytics applications or improving existing analysis platforms to manage large volumes of data with great accuracy and precision.

“We are honored in being selected as the first and only semantic intelligence solution available to the 500 Start Ups’ community, and are excited to be joining an elite group that includes some of the most innovative and respected technology solutions specifically designed to propel today’s emerging companies,” said Luca Scagliarini, CEO of Expert System USA. “Our Cogito API will serve as a powerful data analytics tool for members, allowing development teams to create applications that will seamlessly and effectively increase their capabilities to easily and quickly find, share, and capitalize on knowledge and, as a result, create a faster path to generating revenue.”

500 Start Ups companies can use Cogito to analyze large volumes of unstructured data, such as documents, websites, CRM applications, knowledge bases, news reports and other open source information assets, about their market space, competition, potential customers, start-up lessons learned and more, to improve their chances of delivering a successful product to market. Cogito is used by some of the world’s largest enterprises, including Shell, Chevron, Eli Lilly, Wolters Kluwer, Networked Insights, Nalco Champion, US Department of Justice and the DTRA.

Cogito API, allows for deeper insights fast and works by acting as a connector between separate programs or applications that house text, documents or data sets, enabling them to communicate with each other, returning enriched information via semantic processing. It unlocks the meaning of words to extract precise insight to massive amounts of data, providing deep understanding of meanings, sentiment, intentions and emotions. The solution helps users in reaching strategic, competitive or performance objectives in accurately analyzing words in context and how words are related to each other, just as humans would read them.

Cogito API will be made available for a free trial period, and will be subsequently priced on a per call basis or as recurrent charges. For more information visit www.cogitoapi.com.