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Speed, precision, efficiency: Cogito API to sponsor the CodeSprint challenge at EpicCode 2015

Cogito API will be a primary sponsor of the 2015 EpicCode CodeSprint challenge, held online on June 20, 2015. The challenge is organized by HackerRank, the leading developer platform that organizes competitive challenges and contests.

The contest is open to both students and professionals across the world who will compete in eight algorithmic coding challenges to be completed within 24 hours. A free key offering the semantic technology of Cogito API will be available to all participants.

Designed for developers, startups, systems integrators and IT managers, Cogito API is available in Core for single APIs, or in bundles of APIs specific to a variety of sectors or business needs.

To learn more, visit HackerRank.com or CogitoAPI.com.