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Introducing Cogito API Finance: Navigating Today’s Big Data World in Financial Services

July 21, 2015

– Navigating today’s big data world requires intelligent solutions for strategic information management. This holds particularly true for financial organizations where inaccurate or incomplete data can lead to fatal decisions. Financial organizations need to rapidly evolve their data management infrastructures to allow banking and finance industry professionals to continuously analyze massive amounts of structured and unstructured data. Constant monitoring of market information, news, reports and other streams of data are required to successfully manage investment risks, identify market indicators, improve financial performance, and gain competitive and industry insights. While all of these activities are crucial to the bottom line, they can be costly and time-consuming to both the individual and the organization.

To address this problem, we have announced Cogito API Finance, the first, ready-to-deploy and fully configured technology specifically designed to help developers of search and content analysis applications take advantage of the accurate and fast text analysis offered by Expert System Cogito Technology. If you are a developer, you know all too well that there are really no options out there when it comes to text analytics APIs to create Finance data analytics applications – and we are filling that void.

Cogito API Finance improves the ability to accurately and effectively manage the massive amounts of content housed inside a financial institution or streaming from the Internet, social media, news sites and other open sources of information. The technology combines the richest taxonomy and ontologies for the finance sector with the performance of a solid and proven semantic engine.

Cogito API Finance has been designed with a precise knowledge of the financial domain and provides the ability to read words like humans and to quickly and accurately consume and understand financial content. The technology enables the development of applications to support finance professionals in a variety of ways including intelligence on open source Information in support of AML compliance requirements, effective support in the real time analysis of information streams, research for asset managers or even the minimizing customer churns via proactive analysis of customer experience data.

As part of this launch, we are offering Expert System’s Cogito API Finance for a free trial period. It will be subsequently priced on a per call basis. For more information visit http://www.cogitoapi.com.