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Thought Leaders in Artificial Intelligence: Luca Scagliarini, CEO of Expert System (Part 3)

One Million By One Million Blog, Sep 9th 2015

– Sramana Mitra: We’ve actually covered several companies that do this both from a pure recommendation point of view. There are two very successful companies in content marketing that are using this use case to actually help publishers monetize as well.

Luca Scagliarini: That’s one case. The difference of using semantic versus a deeper understanding of content is that the level of granularity that you can achieve is much higher than what you can do with statistic algorithms. I really suggest people who are familiar with this approach to understand where you can go. If you think about reading all the content and not just thinking about the frequency of keywords, you can get a very granular user experience. That’s where the next step for publishing is.

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