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Webinar: Enterprise Data Rapid Sense-making, April 9th, 2015

Establishing context and knowledge capture

No matter what your goals are—implementing business intelligence activities, supporting R&D or informing marketing and sales—managing and extracting actionable value from large volumes of information is critical to corporate success.

Whether the information arrives as big data, news feeds, comments on social media, research field notes or common format files on the company intranet, these diverse assets require a common framework for structure and organization; without one, it is unlikely that any organization is making the best decisions possible.

For organizations who want to maintain their competitive edge, the opportunity to leverage all the information available is one that can’t be ignored. A technology approach based on human-like comprehension of content and designed to maximize the value of all the data available can transform your business.

In this live event, April 9 at 1 p.m. (EST), you learn how your organization can:

  • Turn collected knowledge into collective knowledge: Extend the information and expertise produced by your employees throughout your organization
  • Learn more about your customers: Identify emotions, mood and sentiment without having to abstract the content from its original source
  • Empower self-service: Greater customer knowledge leads to significant cost savings
  • Do more than just listen to social media: Leverage any and all available information to gain intelligence on your competition
  • Go beyond traditional analysis: Use all of the above to power more effective decision making

During the webinar Bryan Bell, Executive Vice President of Expert System USA, will demonstrate via live demo how semantic technology helps organizations unlock the value hidden in their data.

The webinar is complimentary, but you must register here to attend.

If you are unable to attend the live event, write us at [email protected] for on-demand access to the recording, or to request a demo.