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Enable the Power of Language Through Technology

Supercharge Your Client’s Business Through Natural Language Understanding

Expert.ai will help your clients convert unstructured text into business insight and value via its natural language understanding (NLU) platform. By mimicking the human ability to comprehend information in its proper context, the platform helps you enable your client’s ability to make decisions rooted in knowledge and trigger actions by other systems or people to augment insights and accelerate business processes.

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Partnership Types

Systems Integrators & Consulting Partners

Our SI and Consulting Partners are industry and vertical leaders and have expertise in the development, integration, and deployment of the expert.ai platform to help their clients design the right solutions to fit their business needs. These partners empower their clients to transform data into knowledge and insight through the expert.ai platform and its deep understanding of complex language.

Solution Partners

Our Solutions or OEM Partners integrate our core technology into their own products, making NLU a fundamental part of their offering without investing resources to develop NLU expertise.

Technology Partners

Technology Partners work on complementary and integrated solutions to add value for our mutual customers

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Why Partner with Us?

We enable the expert enterprise with simple, powerful AI tools that ensure accurate language understanding at speed and scale, for any domain or process. Our AI natural language understanding (NLU) platform is easy to deploy and operate and helps to accelerate, augment and expand expertise for every job or process that involves language.

Stop Endless Experimentation.

Start using your capabilities.

Out-of-the-Box Capabilities.

Easy integration anywhere (i.e, SaaS cloud, private cloud, on premise).

Added Value to Existing stack.

Hybrid NL combines and enriches your existing AI models.

Program Values

Expert.ai works closely with partners to ensure they maximize the impact NLU has on their businesses. After signing on to join the expert.ai team, partners are eligible to receive:

Training & Certification
Receive enhanced, hands-on training and certification on the expert.ai platform.
Sales Enablement & Collaboration
Drive effective NLU sales with access to our demo environments as well as connecting you with our experienced sales leaders.
Joint Marketing
Joint marketing campaigns, webinars, and thought leadership pieces to help generate more leads and maximize revenue impact.

Benefits & KPIs

New Revenue Opportunities
including innovative new products, services and customer targets
Strengthen Competitive Advantage
through NLU to differentiate against entrenched players
Faster Speed to Market
by adding NLU capabilities immediately without needing to build expertise
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Learn more about partnering with expert.ai and how NLU can supercharge your business.

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