We stand with Ukraine

Dear Natural Language API user, 

All good things must come to an end: and within the fast-pace, ever changing world of Artificial Intelligence things progress at astronomical speed, so after four years on the web stage, it’s time to say goodbye to our dear Natural Language API. 

We will permanently shut down the free service on September 1st . 

Over the past four years, thousands of researchers, students, enthusiasts or simply curious people enjoyed the free service and the super-easy SDKs to discover Natural Language Understanding and apply it to a wide range of use cases, with some committing to paid subscriptions to make a professional use of the convenient API. 

Expert.ai continues its journey into the world of document AI at full speed and can now offer you tools that were unimaginable four years ago, but if you still need the legacy text intelligence engines of the Natural Language API, we can talk about a solution that works for you: contact us to learn more. 

Thank you!
The Cloud API team