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Registrazione di Mercoledì 17 Novembre 2010

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Registrazione del webinar:

Code Camp: Building Advanced Semantic Algorithms with Cogito Studio
with Semantic Technology
Mercoledì 17 Novembre 2010 ore 18.00

Semantic technology aids in the discovery, retrieval and categorization of content and is used to help organizations manage, integrate and gain intelligence from unstructured data. This is technology that is powering advanced search engines, customer care sites, online shopping portals and intelligence communities’ worldwide.


But most tools on the market today are black boxes. You don’t know how they run and cannot customize them at all. Developers need semantic tools that give you a fast start and maintain the flexibility to create solutions as unique as your organization is vital.


In this webinar, Expert System will build code live with its Cogito Studio, a powerful development tool that goes beyond traditional methods for the deep semantic understanding of content to fully address your needs for categorization, extraction, classifying and disambiguation.


We will demonstrate:

  • Categorization of documents with respect to a given taxonomy and extraction of specific information
  • Writing rules in proprietary languages applied on the cognitive and conceptual map of the texts built by linguistic and semantic analysis
  • How to build ontologies on the fly for domain specific uses
  • Craft a reasoning engine for semantic triples (subject – predicate – object)
  • Test, iterate and verify your content
  • Deploy as embedded code or as a web service to be used by many applications

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