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Edison pubblica un update su Expert System

18 dic 2015

– Gli analisti della società di investimenti britannica Edison hanno prodotto l’update su Expert System “Expert System Leveraging Cogito technology internationally”.

According with the Edison update dated December 15, 2015 Expert System is transitioning from being largely Italy-facing into a truly international business with operations in the US, UK, France and Germany. The company estimates that the TEMIS acquisition (completed in September) will increase foreign exposure from 11% (H114) to 65% (H115 pro forma). Based on H115 results, we have reduced our FY15 revenue forecast for Expert System. With the inclusion of TEMIS, we forecast 46% group growth for FY15. We introduce a forecast for FY16 of 52% growth, supported by the recently announced commercial partnerships with Google and Atex, and a full-year contribution from TEMIS.

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