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Webinar: From the Call Center to Social Media: The Value of Listening to Customers

17 luglio 2013

The internet and social media have helped usher in a new level of expectation for customer facing organizations. Traditional CRM support via auto-response systems have been proven to reduce costs and provide more efficient service, and while this helps from an organizational perspective, customers expect more.

Taking advantage of all of the information streams and flows of data that you have on customers—information from customer emails and online forms, call center logs and service reports—and integrating it with data from social media streams, can be the real tipping point for your customer service operations.

Join us for the free webinar From the Call Center to Social Media: The Value of Listening to Customers and see how a semantic solution, capable of extracting knowledge from all channels of listening and communicating with customers, can transform your customer service. The webinar will include a live demo, and is geared toward companies who want to:

  • Capture customer clues hidden in information flows to guide decision-making processes.
  • Monitor conversations on social media to pay more attention to the needs and desires of customers.
  • Integrate information from traditional CRMs with social media data.
  • Reduce call center costs and increase opportunities for contact and sales.

Spaces are limited—Register today!