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A New Semantic Search Engine for the Websites of the BPER Group

10 September 2013

10  Sep 2013

BPER Group, the sixth largest banking group in Italy, is evolving search for content within the BPER Group websites through an advanced search engine that allows quick and effective recovery of information. The search engine is based on the Cogito SEE Portal, and was developed by BPER Group and Expert System, the semantic technology company. The software is based on semantic comprehension of information, which is able to distinguish the meaning of words in search operations where users may ask questions in a natural language environment. The search engine is available on BPER’s six individual banking websites, as well as the corporate website www.gruppobper.it. The search engine also enables the suggestion of terms (“Did you mean?”) and autocompletion functionality to support more effective search. “The solution adopted by BPER revolutionizes the way we do search because it is not limited to the presence or absence of keywords, but through an understanding of the meaning of words and phrases, resulting in an immediate business advantage,” said Alessandro Monico, Director of Enterprise Sales, Expert System. “It enables our customers to simplify access to content of interest, improve the quality of results and the customer experience and proactively promote specific services.” Francesco Brandani, Head of Direct Channels and Digital Communication, BPER Group, comments: “Since last year, our Group has launched an intensive path of development of channels and web tools available to customers. After a deep website redesign and the launch of new internet and mobile banking solutions, respectively called Smart Web and Smart Mobile, we have decided to offer a new way to search for information and content that is more rapid, efficient and above all, intuitive.”