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From innovation to regulation to patient engagement, we help life science and pharmaceutical organizations to get the most out of all their information assets to improve R&D productivity, enhance the quality of treatment and care and prevent operational risks.

Our solutions streamline information management to ensure that organizations have easy access to the most up-to-date research and can monitor feedback for future drug developments. Via artificial intelligence, we make information access more accurate, allowing teams to respond quickly to FDA requests and to verify the strategies employed by sales and distribution channels.

Solutions of NLU for Life Science & Pharma

R&D Support

Identify key data from massive amounts of scientific literature to speed up drug discovery and development.

Market Intelligence

Capitalize on intellectual property, capture opportunities and threats and monitor scientists to enhance decision-making processes.

Scientific Information Management

Reduce knowledge retrieval time and improve search productivity to deliver deeper insight and highly reliable, complete results.

Regulatory Compliance Management

Aggregate different information to support compliance operations, increase product quality and manage FDA inquiries in the approval process.

Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

Expand the scope of RPA by providing bots with additional data from complex documents to automate front and back office processes and internal workflows.