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Use the Power of Language to Solve Your Business Problem

Solve your language-based business challenges by transforming unstructured language data into knowledge and insight. Use the expert.ai Platform to easily leverage advanced AI-based natural language capabilities to power your business.

Extract Financial Data

Automatically extract specific financial information from press releases, earnings call transcripts and presentations.

Classify and Connect People, Places and Things

Create connections between people, places and companies without any training based on embedded taxonomies including IPTC media topics and a geographic taxonomy.

Understand Your Customer Satisfaction and Brand Reputation

Automatically analyze and summarize your customer feedback to identify emotions that determine who has had a positive experience or which areas consistently receive negative feedback.

Compare Contracts and Clauses

Analyze specific clauses across contracts or whole contracts for conformity and extract specific elements (e.g., exclusions, automatic price escalations, SLA terms, logo usage, auto-renewal terms, etc.) for classification and follow-up.

Here are a few common areas in which we help customers turn language into data so they can make better decisions.

Analyze Complex Documents
When document complexity is high and errors are too costly to allow, the expert.ai Platform reduces risk, saves time and lowers the cost of manual approaches.
Identify, compare, and extract specific clauses across complex contracts.
Analyze large RFPs to automatically identify and classify requirements.
Understand Market Insights
When you want to understand customer sentiment, vendor risk or the state of your brand reputation, the expert.ai Platform can ‘find the signal through the noise’ by contextualizing large volumes of data and delivering actionable insights from them.
Extract financial results from earnings, press releases and analyst calls.
Track reputational risk across internal and external sources.
Accelerate Process Automation with Intelligence
When you need to automatically extract and classify language data to accelerate workflows or provide inputs to process automation activities, the expert.ai Platform drives the digital transformation of your language-intensive processes.
Accelerate customer processes (e.g., claims management) with critical language data included in submissions.
Analyze sentiment in customer emails to prioritize the most urgent cases.