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Accelerate Language Intensive Processes and Insight Discovery

Expert.ai helps clients unlock unstructured text assets and turn them into business insights. By mimicking the human ability to understand information in its proper context, expert.ai helps teams to make decisions rooted in knowledge and automate actions by other systems to accelerate business processes. Our integrations seamlessly incorporate expert.ai technology and natural language understanding (NLU) to capture and compliment subject matter experts’ knowledge and improve efficiency in the applications they use every day.

Explore expert.ai integrations…

Guidewire Integration

Automate the extraction of medical record data to handle claims faster.

Blue Prism Integration

Automate language intensive processes.

Automation Anywhere Integration

Power robotic processes that require language understanding

UiPath Integration

Use language data to automate robotic processes.

Systran Integration

Translate content on the fly

AppTek Integration

Analyze audio content for insights

Boomi Integration

Integrate seamlessly with enterprise applications

AnyClip Integration

Analyze video and text together

Eudata Integration

Understand customer intent for better chats

Qlik Integration

Add text analytics to business intelligence projects.