Reduce Risk. Improve Win Rates. for Insurance is a suite of AI services that reduces risk, improves win rates, and increases capacity for commercial insurance carriers and brokers.

It automates the reading, understanding and extraction of meaningful data from text at speed and scale.

Through a unique mix of natural language understanding and machine learning techniques, supports the broadest range of commercial insurance use cases in Claims Management and Underwriting.

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increase in risk reports examined


accuracy of automated policy review


reduction in claim document review time


contracts awarded to first response

Expert AI Insurance Solutions

Reduce Risk Exposure

Use AI to assess risks, highlight unintended exposure and identify policy inconsistencies. We help you read, understand and extract data from loss control reports, policies, renewals and SLIPs, at more than 4x typical speed.

Higher Win Ratio

Automate document analysis to let underwriting teams measurably cut offer response time. With 60% of contracts assigned to the first bid, speeding up the offer generates more wins and improves service for brokers and customers.

Cut Claims Leakage

Use AI to automate the extraction of relevant data for each claim, adjudicate claims to policy and highlight fraud. Cut your combined ratio by reducing routine erroneous payouts by 5-20%.

Raise Underwriting and Claims Throughput

Use AI to read, understand and extract essential details from medical and risk analysis reports. It can reduce your hours spent reading documents by up to 90%, meaning more throughput with the same team.

Better Customer Experience

Faster document review leads directly to faster underwriting and claims responses. This results in greater customer and broker satisfaction on every decision.