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Why expert.ai?

The ability to access, understand and use language data is critical to the success of your business. Many companies have looked to artificial intelligence technologies to drive their digital transformation and reduce the costs of their language-intensive processes. Unfortunately, these attempts have not always been successful. To ensure success, companies must adopt proven AI approaches that provide business value quickly, with high levels of accuracy and explainability.

Unlike other text analytics platforms, the expert.ai platform delivers:

Proven AI for All Data and Processes

Expert.ai technology has been successfully implemented by hundreds of organizations across a range of industries and business processes by reliably enabling human-like language comprehension and insight at scale. Expert.ai’s knowledge graph can be trained and optimized to work in specific domains by leveraging a rich set of tools designed for data scientists, subject matter expertise and machine learning to automatically enrich the knowledge graph.

Accurate, Scalable and Multi-Language NLU

Expert.ai has been deployed extensively in many industries thanks to the accuracy of its AI-based, multi-language natural language understanding and virtually unlimited linear scalability. Expert.ai can exceed 90% accuracy in content understanding within completely open or domain-independent contexts. Other platforms cannot be directly compared as they do not provide the same capabilities of understanding language. Instead, they start from 45-55% accuracy and may reach up to 73-75% for a few systems in closed, domain-specific contexts.

Predictable Costs

Expert.ai’s rich out-of-the-box knowledge graph, powerful tools and machine learning algorithms provide a more advanced starting point and more efficient way to customize the technology. This enables you to work in specific domains or use cases while maintaining the same level of accuracy when conditions change (e.g., new words, new tasks, new requirements). This allows expert.ai to offer lower development costs and significantly improve the total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to legacy technologies.

ROI in Weeks, Not Months

Expert.ai enables shorter time to deployment than other approaches thanks to its open and understandable knowledge graph. The powerful features of the knowledge graph make it possible to enrich and customize it specifically to different domains or tasks in a fraction of the time required by other technologies.

Human Capabilities Made More Efficient

By making information analysis faster and more accurate with contextual understanding of all kinds of information, expert.ai augments analysts’ capabilities for search, information management and analytics to automate processes, generate actionable insights and drive more reliable decision making.

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Explainable AI

Expert.ai qualifies as an explainable or transparent AI platform because the performance of its algorithms can be trusted and easily understood by humans. Unlike black-box AI, you know exactly how expert.ai arrives at a decision and can see the logic behind its reasoning and results. This is a major advantage because by knowing how AI works and why it determines particular outputs, you can incrementally refine it and make sure the actions are aligned to your intended objectives.