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A practical case of Internet Competitive Intelligence

3 January 2007

Jan 09, 2007

Cogito® from Expert System, market leader in semantic technology, has been actively used by the IISS (International Institute for Sustainable Development), with the participation of the World Trade Center of Brescia (http://www.wtcbrescia.it/en/), to rapidly perform searches, analyses and correlations of news and documents available on the internet and for fundamental strategic use.  This includes corporate activities, such as competitive monitoring, the verification of sentiment regarding the brand, the search for patents, the analysis of new market tendencies, etc., which have a decisive influence on the decisions regarding an organization’s evolution and processes.


Expert System’s innovative solution enabled the IISS to identify the information present on the web regarding indicated subjects, analyzing a high number of sources. It is an in-depth elaboration, which focuses on the news items available, and only those really relevant, selecting them from an large amount of content, which would be impossible to manage manually in a reasonable time frame.


Stefano Spaggiari, Managing Director of Expert System, commented: “In this study, IISS highlighted the “quality jump” that Cogito enables in knowledge management processes: in fact, like normal search engines our solution also starts the analysis by asking for keywords but, as opposed to systems that are limited to the superficial elaboration of words as simple strings of characters, Cogito performs the analysis by concept, gaining an immediate added value in the optimization of the information collection and management processes.”