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Alenia Aeronautica chooses Expert System’s KM Technologies

28 October 2007

Semantics for Project Life Cycle Management, 10-29-2007

Alenia Aeronautica, a division of the Finmeccanica group specializing in aerospace electronics, has choosen Expert System, the leading provider of semantic intelligence software that discovers, classifies and interprets text information, to take part in its ALENET project, the ALEnia Networked Enterprise.

Expert System will be one of the top-level companies who will work on the development of innovative methodologies and techniques for Project Life Cycle Management for Alenia. The goal of Alenet is to improve the lifecycle effectiveness of aerospace projects. Alenet will rely on technology tools to discover, understand, integrate and share different information, processes and techniques.


This ambitious initiative aims to generate competitive advantage in design, efficiency and innovation for all its suppliers, partners, customers and as well as companies of the Finmeccanica group.


Expert System was chosen for its expertise in the field of Knowledge Management. For PLM in particular, semantic technology will be the key element for developing search tools to retrieve information and documents of any kind.


“Taking part in the Alenia Aeronautica project confirms the versitility and flexibility of the Cogito platform – it can be a solution not only to solve ‘classic’ problems related to Knowledge Management, but also in highly specific fields, such as PML,” said Marco Varone, CTO and President, Expert System.


Alenia Aeronautica

Alenia Aeronautica, a Finmeccanica company, develops its role as global aeronautical player active in the military and civil markets by continuously increasing its ability to design, build, integrate and support complex systems and by grasping the opportunities for selective partnerships offered by evolving scenarios and growing markets.
The Alenia Aeronautica product portfolio includes proprietary products like the C-27J, the only true modern tactical airlifter available today worldwide, and plays key roles in world-class programs like Eurofighter Typhoon, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and the European UCAV demonstrator Neuron. It also plays a leading role in airliners, designing and building advanced aerostructures for state of the art airliners including the Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
Its subsidiaries include Alenia Aermacchi, the world leader in training aircraft, and Alenia Aeronavali, the respected overhaul and modification specialist. In an equal-share joint venture with EADS, Alenia Aeronautica owns ATR, which dominates the regional turboprop market, and has recently launched an agreement with Sukhoi to develop a new upper scale regional jet.
Alenia Aeronautica also controls Alenia North America, Alenia Hellas, Alenia Composite, Quadrics and Alenia SIA. Its other international joint ventures and consortia include Global Aeronautica, Eurofighter and GMAS.