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Analyze data before it becomes news

14 December 2006

Dec 15, 2006

Expert System, leader in semantic technology for the management of unstructured data, has developed Cogito® for the monitoring of the web–forums, institutional sites, and above all, blogs.


“When talking about intelligence, one only thinks of the Secret Service”, said Stefano Spaggiari, Managing Director of Expert System S.p.A. “But 95% of real intelligence, the useful information, comes from sources that can be freely referenced, such as those available on the web. Let’s take blogs: according to some recent surveys, in Europe around 25 million people have changed their opinion on products, companies and services after having read other opinions on internet. Blogs are seen as reliable sources of information; they are a reference point able to influence the decision-making processes of purchasing and determine the success or the failure of a new brand in less than a day. This opens an extraordinary opportunity for companies: monitor this kinds of sources to collect opinions, intentions, tendencies… in other words, all those signals which, if analyzed in time, represent a priceless resource for marketing and competitive intelligence. From these considerations, we thought of enriching Cogito with specific components for the analysis of the most dynamic web sources, an infinite mine from which precious opinions can be extracted connected to the introduction of products and services to the market, useful information to measure the success of a advertising campaign or information on which to base comparative analysis between clients/consumers, sector trends, etc.


Cogito includes modules which can be highly personalized in the semantic network, on which all of Expert System’s applications are based. It enables the analysis of web content in real time and to extract relevant indications before they become news.


In reference to brand, management and products, and even to single product components, it collects the user’s sentiment and provides an immediate summary on different levels of judgment (good, medium, negative, etc.) or with respect to a specific period. It activates a specific control on competitors, highlighting tendencies and business strategies by finding rumors on the characteristics and values of the offer, initiative, project and events (hypothesis of a new Board of Directors, partnerships, joint-ventures, product launches, etc.).


Unlike more conventional software, such as those based on keyword technology typical of common search systems, Cogito carries accurately filters texts because it recognizes the different ways of expressing a concept and considers the nature of the language (the language used in posts, for example, is usually a lot more informal than that used in other informative sources and is often full of slang or technicalities).


“In this chaotic climate, where more and more often, one hears about Web 2.0 and a new era of internet” concludes Spaggiari “our product not only represents a timely and concrete response to the problem of managing complex informative flows, but also completes our offer for knowledge management with the usual attention to the most innovative themes”.