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Webinar: How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Insurance, May 30, 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic in insurance. Promises of more accurate underwriting, greater customer engagement, or automation of routine tasks make AI attractive and confusing.

In this webinar, Oliwia Berdak, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and Pamela Negosanti, Global VP of Insurance at Expert System explore the promises and challenges of using AI across the insurance value chain, with a particular focus on underwriting.

Download the Expert System presentation and webinar recording here


Guest Speaker: Oliwia Berdak
Oliwia is a principal analyst serving digital business strategy professionals. She leads Forrester’s coverage of digital disruption and digital innovation in financial services.




Pamela Negosanti, Global VP of Insurance at Expert SystemExpert System’s Speaker: Pamela Negosanti

Pamela is Global VP of Insurance at Expert System and loves helping companies in executing business transformation. She has spent her career in the technology sector gaining experiences in artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, natural language processing and semantics.


In this webinar we understand:

  • Which technologies make up AI and what their maturity is
  • The use cases and benefits of AI in insurance and underwriting
  • The main challenges that insurers are facing when experimenting with AI
  • How you need to approach AI