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Big data analysis software

20 September 2017

Email, customer and sales data, transactional data, research and information on social media is largely unstructured and in a constant state of growth. It is also a great source of information and intelligence that big data analysis software must be able to manage.  .  

With over 80% of the information we deal with daily in the form of unstructured information, traditional analysis leaves a lot of insight for competitive advantage and business intelligence on the table. According to Forrester, enterprises leverage only 31% of unstructured data for decision making. 

Expert System’s cognitive technology Cogito, leverages full comprehension of text to ensure that the content of unstructured information is available for analysis by big data analysis tools. 

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Big data analysis software powered by Cogito

Expert System provides big data analysis software to unlock the value in your information.    

Relying on a deep linguistic analysis,  Cogito takes into account  every aspect of language—meanings, verb tense or mode, gender, slang, etc.—and the contextual relationships between words to understand the meaning of words in context and correlate information based on its relevance.  

Using cognitive technology provides a structure to unstructured data, enabling faster access to information and easier navigation of information in your repositories. Through its ability to understand the unique aspects of language, Cogito technology guarantees: 

  • Automatic classification: Cogito organizes content by topic or entity, making it available for more effective search and deep analysis. 
  • Entity Extraction: Cogito extracts entities—people, places, organizations, URLs, email addresses, numerical values and more—that matter from your content. 
  • Natural Language Processing: Cogito analyzes and processes large volumes of unstructured data to achieve precise understanding of your content.  

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Benefits: Unlock the value in your data with the right big data analysis tools

Cogito helps organizations accelerate the value of your unstructured information: 

  • Ensure the immediate availability of external and internal enterprise knowledge
  • Dramatically improve analytics: Enable descriptive, prescriptive and predictive models to utilize valuable insight and knowledge previously hidden and unused in unstructured formats
  • Uncover hidden signals, trends and intelligence for competitive advantage