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Competitive intelligence for the development and commercialization of pharmaceutical products

Expert.ai co-chairs Pharma CI round table with SANOFI


Expert.ai and SANOFI co-chaired a roundtable discussion at the Pharma CI Conference in Parsippany NJ today, Tuesday, September 12. As part of the conference proceedings, pharmaceutical and biotech executives engaged in discussions regarding the barriers to finding missions critical information and the challenges of analyzing disparate data for better decision making.

Participants noted that competitive intelligence teams for drug development and commercialization both have the “need to be first” inside their organizations, but noted that so many of their team members are over subscribed to various information sources, which leads to data duplication and ambiguation.

Archna BhandariVice President for Data & Analytics at expert.ai, noted that “While it might seem that Global Pharma and Biotech startups would have different needs, we have found that in both cases, the need to link, aggregate and disambiguate information is becoming more and more important.” Participants noted that the avalanche of digital information is growing exponentially annually, while their budgets for additional team members is either staying static, or being reduced.