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Cogito Categorization Platform, Complete Solution for Taxonomy Creation, Deployment and Document Categorization

5 November 2013

5 Nov 2013

Expert System today announces the launch of its Cogito® Categorization Platform at the Taxonomy Boot Camp conference held in Washington, D.C. The platform leverages the Cogito semantic technology for an end-to-end taxonomy creation, deployment and document categorization solution.

Top-down or theoretical approaches in taxonomy development often result in unnecessary complexity, and often include nodes that are not representative of the content being categorized. Cogito Categorization Platform uses intuitive semantic analysis to ensure creation of a taxonomy driven by the most relevant concepts and topics in the actual content.

Cogito Categorization Platform leverages Expert System’s extensive experience in linguistic project development to enable automatic linguistic rules generation, as well as easy to use features for refining and editing rules to increase precision and recall. It features:

  • Enterprise content and knowledge based categorization.
  • Export capabilities for use in other knowledge management applications or in the cloud.
  • Automatic document analysis and initial linguistic rules to drive immediate taxonomy deployment.
  • Ability to further refine rules for even greater definition.

“Simply storing an organization’s intellectual capital is not enough—they must be able to deploy solutions that make it findable. Having the ability to develop out of the box, content reflective taxonomies with easy to use tools, give organizations a jump start in making all of their enterprise assets more accessible,” said Bryan Bell, Executive Vice President, Expert System. “The Categorization Platform showcases the strength of Expert System’s natural language processing engine and its extensive semantic network for meeting today’s enterprise information management requirements.”