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Competitive intelligence system through cognitive computing

1 February 2019

To stay competitive, companies need constant awareness of what competitors are doing and how markets and the industry in general, are shifting. Collecting information and searching data is not enough to obtain a competitive advantage. A competitive intelligence system that analyzes the vast amount of information available on competitors and industry bodies requires technology that can reveal the insight and opportunities hidden in data.

How cognitive technology improves competitive intelligence

Cogito is cognitive software that that enables human comprehension and insight at scale. Based on Cogito, Cogito Intelligence Platform combines superior text analytics and domain ontology capabilities with the ability to search and manage large quantities of data from documents, PR, industry blogs, reports, webpages, social media etc.

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Cogito Intelligence Platform supports competitive intelligence systems through:

  • Comprehensive information extraction: Extracts different types of entities and categorizes content with out-of-the-box taxonomies for different topics
  • Flexible and easy source acquisition: Easily adapts as interests change; no need for continuous development
  • Discover and visualization tools: Access content from many perspectives and use the semantic tag cloud to identify topics of interest
  • Target management & analytics: Easily create custom targets by combining different elements to strengthen what analytics reveal
  • Scalability & integration: Modular and scalable solution that can be easily integrated with any existing information systems

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Benefits of Cogito for Competitive Intelligence

With Cogito, companies have a real-time view of the competitive landscape and the awareness of signals indicating changes in strategy or new product releases, a better understanding of competitor weaknesses and strengths and customer opinions and opportunities for innovation. The competitive intelligence system based on Cogito Intelligence Platform helps companies:

  • Take full advantage of company information assets
  • Extract strategic information
  • Intercept changes and market trends
  • Anticipate competitor, supplier, buyer and customer activities
  • Track weak signals and protect against threats and risks