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Cyber Security Intelligence

1 April 2018

Disruptions to business in the form of data breaches, hacking, website or social media account takeovers and IT infrastructure threats are part of the new business reality for organizations in any sector. Being able to protect your organization and its information assets against today’s and tomorrow’s cyber threats requires a unique cybersecurity intelligence platform that can take advantage of an understanding of language, text and context to transform your ability to reveal risks and actual threats concealed in information: Cogito.

The nature of the information that can help organizations anticipate potential cyber attacks—available on open sources such as web pages, social media and blogs, or other internet repositories such as the dark or deep web, whose volume grows exponentially on a daily basis—is both essential and yet difficult to analyze.

At Expert System, we not only ensure the protection of your information infrastructure by making all of these sources available, we also provide the tools that analysts need to gain visibility, context and insight from data and information.

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Cybersecurity intelligence for anticipating cyber risks

Based on the cognitive Cogito technology, Cogito Intelligence Platform (CIP) is a cybersecurity intelligence platform that delivers meaningful, actionable intelligence that enhances insight, fuels more knowledgeable decisions, and strengthens what analytics can reveal.

CIP is built to manage multiple sources and can analyze millions of web pages and unstructured documents from a variety of sources in a single click. It discovers connections between different sources and provides multiple scenarios as data emerges, in multiple languages.

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With Cogito Intelligence Platform, we help companies mitigate their cybersecurity risks by identifying potential threats providing valuable insight to assess digital asset security related risks.

CIP includes a Corporate Liability Taxonomy and an automatic alerts feature for immediate identification of critical events.