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Digital Health Care Getting “Smarter” thanks to expert.ai

18 January 2024

Under the Consip framework agreement “Digital Health 3,” expert.ai is recognized as a company of reference for AI solutions and services, with a potential value of €10 million over 2024-2027, in support of Italy’s National Health Service.

Health data and artificial intelligence (AI) play an increasingly critical role for research, innovation and digitization for facilities operating within Italy’s national and regional health care network. The recent awarding of the public tender for the Consip Framework Agreement “Digital Health – Information Systems,” recognizes expert.ai as a company of reference for software solutions and professional services in the field of natural language understanding and processing.

Consip Framework Agreement and “PNRR” (Italy’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan)
The “Digital Health 3” Framework Agreement is part of an open call for tenders launched by Consip (a joint-stock company, wholly owned by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, that manages public administration purchases through innovative e-Procurement solutions) for procuring services for the Italian National Health Service (NHS). The public tender, which is divided into four technology lots aimed at supplying integrated services and technology solutions to implement digitization projects in health care, affects all facilities operating within the health care network, with the possibility of using Italy’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan funding provided by “Mission 6 – Health.”

Technological innovation is a prerequisite for realizing the goals of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and an integral part of the plan for complementary investments to support digitization processes in health care and achieve the goals of proximity, innovation and equality—cornerstone principles of digital health in Italy. The goal of the plan is to adapt Italy’s NHS to meet current societal and care changes by ensuring equal care pathways for all citizens and making the primary care network more widespread and efficient throughout the country.

Expert.ai: Artificial Intelligence and Digital Health
Here, artificial intelligence makes a critical contribution to a complex scenario characterized by the exponential increase of unstructured data (electronic files, medical records and reports, hospital discharge documentation, databases, information systems, claim forms, scientific studies, etc.) and new digital skills.

Within the Temporary Grouping of Enterprises (RTI) that signed the Framework Agreement (Sanità Digitale 3, ID 2366) and of which Enterprise Services Italia is the representative company, expert.ai is distinguished as the partner of choice for implementing and delivering artificial intelligence solutions and services.

“Our advanced AI technologies can be applied to a wide range of Digital Health use cases and represent a strategic resource for the process of digital transformation and technology innovation in the Italian healthcare system,” commented Graziano Boni, VP Public Sector of expert.ai. “Digital health care means ‘smart’ healthcare. Expert.ai offers accurate and customized solutions to better manage the information assets of healthcare institutions, in accordance with the latest governance principles and with maximum accuracy, even at large scale. At the same time, we ensure algorithm transparency, sustainability, efficiency and reliability to improve citizen interactions and services as well as the patient experience and patient journey processes.”

Consistent with the tender award, the contract for expert.ai has a maximum potential value of €10 million for the 2024-2027 period. This is an important achievement that reflects the company’s success in the Italian public sector market and rewards its strong commitment to innovation and support for the digitization of the public administration and National Health Service. It confirms the effectiveness of the company’s diversification strategy and its focus on the public and healthcare sectors.

Expert.ai Applied to Digital Health
Expert.ai’s AI software solutions apply the ability to automatically read, “understand” and process unstructured data and language (natural language understanding, natural language processing) to make the healthcare management environment more efficient, to accelerate medical research, and to improve the relationship with users and patients by transforming any unstructured data into valuable knowledge. Areas of application range from the anonymization of personal data and sensitive information in electronic records and other health care documentation to diagnostic query analysis; from automatic email management to optimize operations to the implementation of chatbots to simplify and improve patient and citizen care.

More information on the benefits of AI is available in the expert.ai white paper “Intelligenza artificiale per la sanità – Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare.”

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