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1 July 2018

Search is an activity, find is a result.

We may call it search, but what common methods and techniques require of us each time we type a word or phrase into a search is actually more like a guess. The Expert System approach is different. Our software, Cogito, reads content much in the way that people do, and we process all of the content to understand the meaning in context. The result is that you no longer have to search, but you find.

It’s not search when you already know.

Imagine what it would be like if you read everything and knew exactly where everything was. That’s what Expert System technology can do for you: it discovers what is contained in content, understanding the meaning and context, enriching the content with metadata and automatically organizing it. For your current systems and applications that cannot read, we generate and export it all as XML, RDF and other formats to integrate directly into your existing tools and platforms. This approach is far more powerful than a simple index of keywords.

Moreover, we recommend similar or related contents.

Many discoveries are due to serendipity. At Expert System, we do not leave anything to chance. To best support unplanned instances and interdisciplinary connections of discovery, our semantic technology provides an essential recommendation capability that suggests additional reading where it is substantively related to the topic at hand, thanks to semantic disambiguation.

Our semantic technology enables its users to upload their corpus, setup rich semantic fingerprints, preview content recommendations and adjust recommendation strategy from a single interface. This process produces a high-quality recommendation engine that provides highly relevant recommendations driven according to any dimension of end-users’ subject matter, that can be easily deployed to any CMS, Portal, or Website.