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EuroSentiment Language Resource Pool

2 October 2014

Oct 2, 2014

– Expert System (EXSY) is a partner of EuroSentiment (along with FBK, Sindice, Paradigma, UPM, Expert Systems and Deri), a European project created to provide a platform of shared language resources (EuroSentiment Language Resources Pool) to support activities related to sentiment analysis.

eurosentimentFunded by the FP7 program, EuroSentiment is unique for its multi-lingual focus and for its infrastructure in which most of the language resources are interconnected by semantic technology and can be leveraged to create new services – and in turn, be published on the platform.

In particular, the Corpus Converter features of sentiment and emotion analysis have already been tested by Expert System (EXSY) and Paradigma Tecnologico, a Spanish firm specialized in software for Big Data, Internet and mobile applications for the Spanish market.

Expert System’s semantic technology has the ability to understand the meaning of text, and provides effective support in the context of sentiment analysis. Thanks to its ability to capture the nuances of meanings, it can identify not only what is discussed, but how it discussed.

Watch the video and visit www.eurosentiment.eu to learn more.