and Fincons Group Extend the Use of Natural Language in Insurance and Financial Services via APIs

8 April 2021

Fincons Group, an international IT consulting and system integration company with over 2000 employees in EMEA and in the USA, has extended its partnership with, the premier artificial intelligence platform for language understanding. This will include the Natural Language API in supporting banks and insurance companies in their digital transformation initiatives, and Studio in simplifying the development of advanced linguistic applications.

Fincons Group increases its support of the digital transformation within financial services, enhancing its offering for banks and insurance companies with the Natural Language API and Studio.

The cloud-based NL API provides developers and data scientists deep language understanding without requiring IT infrastructure, reducing development cost while optimizing natural language processing (NLP) applications. Smart from the start, Studio is a downloadable fully integrated development environment for building custom applications leveraging advanced AI capabilities for categorization, extraction etc. to meet specific customer needs.

For banks and insurance companies, the need to accelerate innovation by leveraging artificial intelligence applied to text analysis via NLU is an essential factor for creating value and increasing competitiveness. However, legacy or fragmented systems and long implementation times increase costs and often create barriers to digital transformation. The use of APIs in a practical and fully integrated development environment for building and deploying a custom AI-based text model makes application development more agile, faster, and facilitates the integration of innovative functionalities into the existing infrastructure. Fincons has extensive experience creating tailored solutions for specific customer needs which has led to the development of advanced AI NLU solutions, driven by NL API and Studio.

“By using AI applied to natural language, companies in the financial services and insurance sector can derive tangible value from their information. The potential offered by in terms of its API and development environment is a critical success factor for initiating change in a way that is not only fast, but also predictable and easy,” said Giuliano Altamura, Global Financial Services and Insurance Business Unit General Manager at Fincons Group. “Our partnership with will allow us to offer an enriched proposition of digital transformation solutions. In fact, we can provide even greater support to customers in extracting relevant information from complex and unstructured texts and automating tasks to take operational efficiency to the next level.”

The integration of Fincons Group’s technical and functional expertise in banking and insurance, combined with the practicality of the NL API and the ease of the Studio development environment, allows developers to streamline the design of new functionalities and development of applications, including: chatbots, virtual assistants, advanced recommendation engines, natural language mobile payment systems, smart claims, automatic email management, and the analysis and comparison of policies and contracts, among many others.

We are excited to deepen the use of our NL API into the financial services vertical,” said Gavin Sollinger, Head of Global Channel Development at “The combination of Fincons Group’s industry experience with the skills of data scientists and developers using our solutions will support banks and insurance companies in their digital evolution journeys. By leveraging the ability to understand natural language, Fincons will optimize the development of new AI NLU apps that automate expertise in mission critical processes.” 


About Fincons Group
Fincons is a consulting and system integration company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in strategy, digital, technology and operations to a diverse range of industries. In the Financial Services & Insurance sector, Fincons has long term and successful relationships with the main international software vendors, providing customized solutions for different business processes and supporting its clients during their digital transformation journeys. With over 2000 employees worldwide and 38 years of experience in consulting and system integration, Fincons Group has offices in Switzerland (Küssnacht Am Rigi, Bern, Zurich, Lugano), Italy (Milan, Verona, Rome, Bari, Catania), Germany (Munich), in the UK (London), in France (Paris) and in the US (New York, Los Angeles).

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Webinar session – A practical AI Adoption for Financial Services: Natural Language Understanding for improving efficiency and scaling business

Fincons Group and will present the benefits of NL API and Studio for banks and insurance companies in a webinar session on 21 April 2021, at 11 am EDT/5 pm CEST.

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A practical AI Adoption for Financial Services: Natural Language Understanding for improving efficiency and scaling business