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Expert.ai Brings Additional Powerful Natural Language Capabilities to Qlik

7 June 2022

Technology partnership with expert.ai extends Qlik’s analytics and existing artificial intelligence, natural language processing capabilities

Expert.ai (EXAI:IM), a leading company in artificial intelligence (AI) for language understanding, today announced that it has joined the Qlik® Technology Partner Program. Expert.ai complements Qlik’s augmented analytics portfolio, enhancing its existing AI and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities to help business users make sense of unstructured language data and gain insight into any kind of document.

“Language data can provide new insights that enhance analytics and decision making but it is usually ignored. The problem is that understanding language at scale and converting it into actionable intelligence is hard,” said Luca Scagliarini, Chief Product Officer at expert.ai. “By integrating our natural language capabilities into Qlik, we simplify access to language data, providing the data practice with simple and powerful ways to develop more comprehensive analytic and predictive models to help the enterprise to gain a competitive edge.”

Qlik’s users can easily expand and improve the reach of data analysis and analytics by leveraging language intelligence provided by expert.ai, executing Python code directly within Qlik Cloud®. Capabilities provided by the expert.ai API include advanced natural language processing features, for example, disambiguation to resolve ambiguities in text, quickly identify the main entities and relationships between concepts and assign the right meaning to each word; categorization to catalog any document out of the box without training thanks to embedded taxonomies, including IPTC media topics and geographic taxonomy; sentiment analysis to identify whether the overall tone of content is positive or negative and emotional and behavioral traits associated with a person, to add more insight to all analytics-ready data, such as customer data.

“Once we began exploring use cases of integrating our technology into Qlik Cloud, we were blown away by how easy it was to get major additional value using our NLP capabilities to structure and analyze unstructured data,” said Brian Munz, Product Manager, NL API & Developer Experience at expert.ai. “With a very minimal effort, you can easily enrich data with expert.ai’s NLP insights such as sentiment analysis, media topics categorization, PII detection and more. It’s exciting to see the amazing things that can happen by combining two world-class products in analytics and natural language understanding.”

Organizations can easily add information extracted from any unstructured language resource to enrich data sets, augment data pipelines and enhance analytics for even the most complex use cases across a variety of sectors. Examples include email management and other customer-related information to process and analyze all data at the same time; smart search and conversational analytics based on the use of natural language to streamline the interaction with data as well as the comprehension of user intent; and data classification to make it easy to find the right data while knowing its origin and journey. Capabilities also bolster specific vertical industry applications such as augmented analytics to improve decision making and advanced fraud indicator analysis through more effective claims management for the insurance industry; credit and market risk analytics, compliance and augmented customer experience for banking and finance.

“As organizations scale their analytics efforts through the cloud, AI and NLP capabilities are incredibly powerful in helping new and existing users at all skill levels drive more insights for action,” said Josh Good, VP, Analytics at Qlik. “We look forward to current Qlik customers benefiting from blending expert.ai with our existing augmented capabilities to enhance their overall analytics efforts.”

For information on Qlik’s cloud analytics, visit https://www.qlik.com/us/products/qlik-sense.

To learn more about expert.ai’s solutions by industry and use case, visit https://www.expert.ai/solutions/