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Expert.ai Enhances Hybrid AI Platform and Expands Scope of Intelligent Process Automation at Scale

9 November 2022

Powerful capabilities fortify knowledge models, deliver new solutions for Life Science, harness language understanding to drive intelligent automation.

Expert.ai today announced a new version of its natural language (NL) platform featuring powerful enhancements. Combining machine learning (ML) and symbolic knowledge representation (hybrid AI), the updated platform further facilitates the design, development and deployment of language models, and accelerates production of innovative enterprise applications, through accurate language understanding at scale.

Upgrades to the expert.ai award-winning platform include:

  • Knowledge Models Fortified: Built in and ready-to-use pre-trained, rules-based models now contain expanded industry, role and use-case concepts and relationships to quickly improve the accuracy of natural language (NL) projects. Other model enhancements include updated environmental, social, governance (ESG) classification and sentiment, as well as personally identifiable information (PII) extraction.
  • New Solutions for Pharma & Life Science: Additional knowledge models now support solutions for drug discovery, clinical trial insights, key opinion leader identification and scientific publication insight analysis. A new preclinical report analysis solution dramatically speeds up the quality control check process of reports prior to their submission to regulatory bodies.
  • AI-driven Robotic Process Automation (RPA): The only NL, hybrid platform that integrates with UiPath, Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere, expert.ai supercharges bots with unique NL capabilities only possible by merging different AI techniques. This expands the scope of intelligent process automation across tasks requiring accurate understanding of documents for email automation, contract analytics, claims, underwriting automation and customer service support.
  • Expanded Deployment Options: The expert.ai Platform now supports on-premise deployments of NL workflows for organizations that want complete control over data or demand it be kept on premise for security and compliance purposes.
  • New Operational Monitoring Dashboard: Delivers improved visibility to operational metrics (i.e., CPU, memory, model performance) associated with language operations (LangOps).

“We continue to enhance core product capabilities and introduce innovations for enterprises to successfully implement and scale natural language-based projects,” said Luca Scagliarini, chief product officer at expert.ai. “This new release of our platform simplifies the adoption of AI in different industries and use cases. It also accelerates intelligent automation by applying RPA to complex processes, driving much greater cost effectiveness. Expert.ai not only brings ground-breaking advancements to market, we ensure they’re made for real-world use and can be put to use easily and immediately.”

Expert.ai has long led the NL technologies marketplace in accuracy and capabilities with hundreds of proven deployments. Leveraging its pioneering vision towards a hybrid AI approach, expert.ai uniquely automates complex language-intensive processes to reveal meaningful data, actionable insights and improve decision making.
Supporting Quotes:

“Expert.ai is a great choice for customers looking to build customized text analytics applications using hybrid AI (the combination of knowledge/symbolic and machine learning techniques), or customers looking to leverage knowledge-based AI for out of the box accuracy, model explainability (a key in highly regulated industries), or who are not ready to invest in the full ModelOps cycle.” The Forrester Wave™: Text Analytics for both People-Oriented and Document-Oriented Platforms

“We’ve selected expert.ai for its ability to read, organize and extract relevant data so our team can be more efficient both in terms of managing repetitive tasks as well as better serving our policyholders.” AEGIS

“We are excited to work with expert.ai, whose state-of-the-art artificial intelligence offerings will make it easier for our members and customers around the world to find and access AP’s expansive offering of text, photo and video content.” The Associated Press

“We identified expert.ai as a critical partner to improve discoverability of our core frameworks, standards, learning assets and research, and transform our approach to content classification and delivery. With their help, we look forward to creating better digital experiences for our members, the IT professionals we serve, and the lifelong learners who seek or hold our certifications.” ISACA