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Expert.ai Enhances Research and Support Capabilities at Los Alamos National Laboratory

15 February 2022

Titan Technologies’ Compendia, an AI-based solution, will leverage expert.ai technology to help researchers accomplish in months what would have taken decades. 

Expert.ai today announced its technology will be deployed as a key component of Titan Technologies’ Compendia solution by the U.S. National Security Research Center (NSRC) to make digitized documents easier for researchers to search and explore. The move follows a successful six-month proof-of-concept (PoC) aimed at providing scientists and engineers from the Los Alamos National Laboratory Weapons Program automated research support via AI-based natural language understanding and machine learning (hybrid AI approach).

The NSRC is one of the largest libraries of its kind, holding tens of millions of various materials, including film, audio, notebooks, photos, documents, drawings, microfiche, aperture cards, and more. By leveraging expert.ai technology together with other components, Titan Technologies’ Compendia solution categorizes unstructured content into a secure digital repository. Through a single integrated interface, Compendia offers focused search, including relationships and key entities to improve the speed and accuracy of information discovery within archival research material. With AI-based natural language understanding (NLU) and machine learning (ML) provided by expert.ai, the Compendia solution embeds knowledge and learning in the new NSRC system, called Titan on the Red, which is expected to make the already-digitized content categorized and explorable in months, a process that otherwise could have taken decades with manual categorizing and tagging. 

“One of the greatest assets at Los Alamos National Laboratory is the information that we have generated in over 75 years of nuclear weapons work,” said Rizwan Ali, Director, National Security Research Center. “This is what distinguishes us from any other weapons laboratory in existence. The Titan on the Red system will make this valuable information discoverable.” 

Expert.ai technology performs natural language understanding and user interface functions within Compendia. In doing so, it applies proprietary semantics-based processes to generate granular metadata, put textual content into context, and enable discovery of even hidden or inferred information. Combined with the other components of Compendia, expert.ai technology transforms the research environment, making data smart, consumable, and meaningful. Compendia met all Los Alamos National Laboratory criteria and the decision to move ahead with Compendia and a full Titan on the Red deployment was made. 

Nanette Mayfield, leader of the NSRC digital collections team added: “Investing in AI/ML saves countless manpower hours and money, while directly contributing to the Lab’s mission success.” 


About Los Alamos National Laboratory and Triad National Security 

Los Alamos National Laboratory is a multidisciplinary research institution engaged in strategic science on behalf of national security. Los Alamos enhances national security by ensuring the safety and reliability of the U.S. nuclear stockpile, developing technologies to reduce threats from weapons of mass destruction, and solving problems related to energy, environment, infrastructure, health, and global security concerns. 

For more information, go to www.lanl.gov. 


About Titan Technologies 

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 About Expert System USA 

Expert System USA , a subsidiary of expert.ai (EXAI: IM), is an Artificial Intelligence company focused on developing and deploying innovative and customized Natural Language Understanding (NLU) solutions for the Public Sector with emphasis on the Intelligence, Military, Law Enforcement and Homeland Security communities.  

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