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Expert.ai Expands Capabilities of Its Enterprise AI Platform for Natural Language Solutions

1 August 2023

Expert.ai today announced enhanced features for its scalable hybrid AI platform, purpose-built to help organizations power business processes and applications relying on language data. The latest version of the platform includes security and infrastructure improvements as well as core technology enhancements designed to provide organizations with even more security and flexibility when creating or enhancing AI-enabled natural language (NL) solutions.

The exponential growth of language data within organizations is driving the need for advanced solutions to analyze business text, optimize manual tasks and accelerate intelligent process automation opportunities. While large language models (LLMs) have put the spotlight on AI most recently, these are just one tool of many for creating language solutions. The ability to capture and process language data, integrate with third-party and internal applications, automate processes, as well as develop, deploy, manage and monitor your language solution is critical. The expert.ai Platform combines different AI techniques (machine learning, deep learning, symbolic knowledge-based AI, and LLMs) to accurately understand and process text. As a result, organizations can accelerate decision-making and automate language intensive processes like claims validation, policy reviews, and risk assessment analysis; research drug discovery, clinical trials and regulatory report reviews; enrich news and making content recommendations; review contracts or improve customer experience interactions.

“The ability to extract valuable insight from language data is crucial for competitive advantage, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to the complexity of analyzing text,” said Marco Varone, CTO of expert.ai. “By continuously advancing our capabilities, we are helping organizations transform their processes and reduce manual activities that are inherently both more error-prone and costly through natural language solutions that directly impact the business outcomes for critical enterprise processes.”

Enhanced expert.ai Platform features include:

  • Stronger detection for document formats and labels. The new platform release strengthens its Document Understanding capabilities for format detection, font recognition and extraction, and label reading (e.g., “table of contents” labels.)
  • Import taxonomies enablement. The new platform release streamlines the migration of existing taxonomy-related projects. The new functionality enables users to quickly import SKOS document properties, annotated taxonomies and use them within the platform.
  • Security Improvements. Continuing to add to the ISO/IEC 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2 compliance and security improvements, the expert.ai Platform updated its Kubernetes (or K8s) hardening procedures to ensure its users the highest level of confidence in security practices.
  • New analytics filters. By supporting the ability to filter annotation and extraction class data by false positive, false negative and true positive results, the expert.ai Platform accelerates the identification of different result types for a given extraction class, category, taxonomy node or concept.
  • Optimized hybrid model performance. The new release of the expert.ai Platform enables users to deploy and run multiple hybrid models with a single linguistic engine to speed up the workflow and reduce computing consumption.

The new expert.ai Platform is available today and adds to the capabilities announced earlier this year, including the integration of GPT large language model (LLM), and the recent launches of the AI Platform for Insurance and the AI Platform for Life Sciences. As AI advances, expert.ai continues to innovate and evolve its solutions to solve real-world enterprise challenges, ensuring flexibility, accuracy, governance and a clear return on investment.