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Expert.ai Launches New Natural Language User Community

15 March 2021

A collaborative space built with artificial intelligence enthusiasts in mind to encourage further development efforts, foster adoption and effective support deployment – all based on the expert.ai natural language (NL) capabilities

Expert.ai today launched a new user Community designed to serve the AI natural language understanding (NLU) and natural language processing (NLP) software ecosystem using the expert.ai NL technology, products and API. By sharing thought leadership, best practices, training material, and much more, the Community is the ideal space for developers, data scientists, knowledge engineers, computational linguists, AI enthusiasts and experts to learn more about the powerful NL capabilities and smart from the start AI tools provided by expert.ai. Members can leverage the Community to gain new insights and knowledge, get advice from technical experts to overcome NL challenges and expand skills, interact with peers to ask support and share acquired expertise.

“Today we added another milestone, delivering on our commitment to enable the expert enterprise,” said Luca Scagliarini, Chief Product Officer at expert.ai. “We built the Community to better serve NL enthusiasts who are interested in data science, text analytics and related disciplines, providing easy access to technical documentation, support and facilitating peer-to-peer discussions to address the complete life cycle of natural language challenges.”

The Community, available at https://community.expert.ai, includes a robust portfolio of documents, tech resources, training materials and forums for users to directly interact with expert.ai AI experts and other Community members, including customers, partners and individuals. As the community grows, we will be adding virtual events to provide additional opportunities to learn about our solutions and engage with our technical experts.

To learn more or join the expert.ai Natural Language Community, visit https://community.expert.ai