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Expert.ai Named to KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management

13 March 2024

This marks the 10th consecutive year that expert.ai has been honored on the annual list created by KMWorld

Expert.ai, the industry leader in AI-powered language solutions, today announced it has been named to the KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management (KM) list for 2024. Organized by publisher and information provider KMWorld, the list applauds companies that drive innovation, agility and customer focus within the enterprise. It recognizes innovative companies that are shaping the future by defining how knowledge is leveraged across different verticals and diverse use cases.

Marydee Ojala, Editor in Chief, KMWorld, commented: “Curating the list of 100 companies that matter in KM is always a joy. Emerging technologies such as generative AI coupled with enhancements to the time-tested technologies of semantic search, NLP, cloud computing, natural language understanding, knowledge graphs, and chatbots have resulted in enormous strides in knowledge management and knowledge sharing. The companies being recognized are wonderful examples of leaders that are helping organizations unlock the power of knowledge in innovative and creative ways. They stand out in the KM field and we applaud their accomplishments.”

“It’s an honor to be named by KMWorld as one of the top companies in knowledge management; we’re proud to be recognized as an innovator for the tenth consecutive year,” said Keith C. Lincoln, CMO, expert.ai. “In the past year, the visibility of Knowledge Management solutions has exploded. This has allowed us to continue to innovate for our customers by testing and integrating the latest models, developing new techniques for advancing solutions, and implementing the most effective methodologies that add value. This recognition is a testament and celebrates the entire expert.ai team that endlessly pursues ways to create value through AI.”

Expert.ai’s award-winning solutions combine deep domain expertise with different AI techniques (symbolic AI, generative AI, LLMs, machine learning) to enable enterprises to effectively access, understand and process any kind of business document. By making it possible to accurately identify and extract strategic data from language, expert.ai delivers key information for publishers, streamlines operations for insurers, drives revelations for pharmaceutical giants, supports AML compliance and enhances customer interactions within banks and financial services.

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