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Expert.ai Named Winner in Artificial Intelligence Awards thanks to Its Hybrid AI Platform

28 February 2024

  • Corporate Vision Magazine awards program honors expert.ai for its innovative hybrid AI platform and solutions that drive enterprise-wide strategic outcomes by improving language-intensive processes.
  • New recognition follows the recent platform release providing more customer customization capabilities, expanding usage opportunities, and increasing efficiency.

Expert.ai, the leading enterprise AI company solving complex language challenges, today announced that it has been named Best Hybrid AI Platform in the Corporate Vision Artificial Intelligence Awards. Organized by Corporate Vision Magazine, the AI Awards recognize the individuals and organizations that are driving the growth and development of AI across the world.

Awards Coordinator Kaven Cooper commented on the success of this year’s winners: “Hosting the Artificial Intelligence Awards this year has been inspiring. This year we are seeing even more developments which are helping various industries to flourish further. I would like to wish all our awardees the best as they continue to innovate their sectors.”

The expert.ai platform and solutions are built to analyze business documents, even the most complex (contracts, reports, presentations, claims, streams of dynamic news, etc.), to reduce errors and costs of manual approaches. By applying a unique hybrid AI approach (symbolic AI, generative AI, large language models, machine learning), expert.ai solutions deliver actionable insight, categorizing information and extracting knowledge needed to automate language-intensive processes at scale.

This recognition follows the recent debut of the Winter release of the expert.ai Platform, which incorporates advancements including:

New Management Rules. Companies can customize the solution to their specific domain knowledge and understanding via new taxonomy management rules. These rules enable the creation of additional elements (e.g., new sections, custom elements, kill lists, and rules concept entities) that further establish relationships and understand companies’ specific language to accelerate the processing of unstructured data.

AI Model Experiments Dashboard. The Model Experiments dashboard now contains detailed information about matched resources and documents, making it faster to compare model results and choose the best fit model as part of the solution.

Expanded language support. As language AI use expands globally, the authoring environment now supports a total of 12 languages with the recent addition of Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic.

Orchestration Improvements. As language AI use cases expand, the complexity required to handle unstructured text in tables and forms increases. Companies can now create workflows with natural language models and publish them as REST APIs, making it easier and more cost effective to include and process more data using AI.

“As we implement AI solutions at customer organizations and advance capabilities for our installed base, we’re committed to expand core functionalities, introduce innovations, and offer the best possible user experience. This new release is no exception,” said Keith C. Lincoln, CMO of expert.ai. “We are thrilled to receive the Artificial Intelligence Award as it confirms the impact of our continued commitment to AI innovation, which is critical to help our partners and clients address more strategic challenges.”

To learn more about all of Corporate Vision Magazine’s Artificial Intelligence Awards winners please visit https://www.corporatevision-news.com/corporate-vision-reveals-the-winners-of-2023s-artificial-intelligence-awards/?

What customers and partners have to say about expert.ai

“Innovation is part of our DNA and a driver of growth for our Group. This allows us to keep looking for ways of being more efficient in terms of our business processes and support systems, enabling us to offer our clients and brokers the best possible service.” Pablo Díez García, Smart Automation Manager at Generali. The insurance company has chosen the expert.ai Platform to read, understand and send over 1 million emails a year by leveraging natural language processing.

“We are excited to work with expert.ai, whose state-of-the-art artificial intelligence offerings will make it easier for our members and customers around the world to find and access AP’s expansive offering of text, photo and video content.” Gianluca D’Aniello, Senior VP and CTO, The Associated Press. As part of AP’s global news distribution process, the expert.ai Platform automatically enriches news content with descriptive metadata to provide AP clients with enhanced search and discovery options, driving intuitive navigation and proactive recommendations.

“ISACA’s core mission is the pursuit of digital trust—the concept that the modern digital world must be secure, transparent and ethical. We identified expert.ai as a critical partner to improve discoverability of our core frameworks, standards, learning assets and research, and transform our approach to content classification and delivery. With their help, we look forward to creating better digital experiences for our members, the IT professionals we serve, and the lifelong learners who seek or hold our certifications.” Evan DuVall, Director of Content Enablement at ISACA®. ISACA, the global association of digital trust professionals, leverages the expert.ai Platform to increase access to information and knowledge discovery for more than 165,000 digital trust professionals worldwide.

“As the predecessor and natural extension of generative AI, natural language processing has a major role to play in the digital transformation of our clients. Our latest integration with expert.ai will enhance our customers’ ability to automatically analyze complex documents, understand market opportunities and accelerate intelligent process automation across the organization.” Jon Day, V.P., Technology Alliance Program and Cloud Alliances, SS&C Blue Prism. As an approved partner within SS&C Blue Prism’s Technology Alliance Program, expert.ai provides state-of-the-art approaches in natural language understanding and processing.

“Most RPA programs have parked opportunities due to unstructured text. Expert.ai unlocks this free text without the limitations of infrastructure, training data, and explainability, which have typically stalled enterprise NLP initiatives. By partnering with expert.ai, Reveal Group has proven that RPA, IDP, and NLP are better together.” Josh Noble, Partner, Reveal Group. The expert.ai hybrid AI platform complements the Reveal Group’s expertise in intelligent automation services.