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Expert.ai Participates in “Emerging Technologies for Law Enforcement and Intelligence” Event

27 May 2022

Expert.ai (EXAI:IM), a leading company in artificial intelligence (AI) for language understanding, will participate in the first international conference of Notiones, the European Union-funded project to stimulate the development of methods and technologies to address problems related to cyber attacks. Notiones (iNteracting netwOrk of inTelligence and securIty practitiOners with iNdustry and acadEmia actorS) is a network of local, national and international military, civil, financial, judicial, security and intelligence service professionals from 9 EU member states and 6 associated countries.

During the event, which will take place on June 15, 2022 in Brussels, expert.ai will participate in the session Beyond the State of Big Data Analysis: Focus on Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Algorithms for Information Superiority, dedicated to the crucial role that artificial intelligence applied to natural language understanding (NLU) and analysis plays in making decision-making processes that underpin intelligence activities more efficient and timely. In this context, special attention will be given to behavioral analysis through, for example, emotion extraction and writing style analysis (human factor analysis).

Human capabilities play an essential role in intelligence and security-related activities, where an estimated 80% of the data is in unstructured formats. While technology cannot replace human domain skills, knowledge and experience, artificial intelligence is indispensable for analyzing huge volumes of information in a timely manner, and for capturing trends, emotions and behavioral traits, all in support of the necessary manual activities related to data monitoring and analysis.

The event agenda and more information about the expert.ai session can be found on the event website, in the section on Artificial Intelligence Applied to the Intelligence Cycle.