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Expert.ai Selected for “LT-Innovate Award of the Year”

25 September 2023

The company is recognized for 30+ years of dedicated work with AI-enabled natural language technologies.

Expert.ai announced today that it has been selected for the “LT-Innovate Award of the Year 2023.” Established in 2012, the LT-Innovate Award recognizes “The Best in Language Intelligence” during its annual Summit, which is the leading European conference for AI language technologies. Held in Leipzig September 21-22, 2023 and organized by the Language Technology Industry Association (LT-Innovate), the event “Language Intelligence | Semantics 2023” showcased the latest developments in language intelligence.

Philippe Wacker, Executive Director at LT-Innovate, commented: “It is with great pleasure that I hand out this award to expert.ai in recognition of more than 30 years of dedicated work delivering on the vision of the company founders, transforming itself from a small Italian start-up to one of a handful of true European and global champions in the automatic processing of natural language.”

“From Part-of-Speech to AI: A 30 Years’ Journey in the World of Language Understanding”

Expert.ai CTO and co-founder Marco Varone delivered the conference keynote, “From Part-of-Speech to AI: A 30 Years’ Journey in the World of Language Understanding” and was presented with the award at a special ceremony following the event.

“Solving real world language problems for companies has been the key driver over the history of expert.ai,” said Marco Varone. “For more than three decades, we have continued to navigate the ups and downs for the market, striving to innovate on the technology side and also to simplify complex processes. We are happy to be recognized for our work and dedication to the AI-based natural language field. I want to share this award with our team of experts: it is a testament to the incredible passion and brilliant work that our researchers, developers, knowledge engineers and NL enthusiasts perform every day.”