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Expert.ai signs agreement with Reale Mutua

26 March 2021

The leading Italian insurance company has chosen the potential of Expert.ai’s natural language understanding and processing (NLU/NLP) to evolve its claims management and innovate its damage settlement model.

Expert.ai today announced that it will provide artificial intelligence technology to Reale Mutua, who will use it to improve service quality in support of the insurer’s innovation strategies and digital transformation processes. Reale Mutua has chosen the expert.ai artificial intelligence platform to streamline the claims management process, applying the advantages of natural language understanding (NLU) and natural language processing (NLP) to the reading, analysis and processing of documents that govern claims processes.

For Reale Mutua, claims management is a primary area for innovation, with a focus on transforming interactions with customers into opportunities where service quality can be a major differentiator. Expert.ai’s artificial intelligence platform offers new impetus to the evolution of the claims model, providing practical, accurate and concrete support for the automation of business processes based on managing huge volumes of data and documents expressed in natural language.

“We are honored to provide our artificial intelligence platform to Reale Mutua, with whom we share the vision of digital transformation as a strategic lever for development and competitiveness,” said Alessandro Monico, VP Sales Italy at expert.ai. The excellent results we have obtained by implementing solutions based on natural language understanding demonstrate expert.ai’s ability to translate customer needs into effective solutions.”

Expert.ai’s platform makes the claims management process more efficient by using its artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze all the documentation typically associated with a claim. After reading and analyzing the documents, expert.ai’s platform performs automatic categorization of the content, extracting useful information to proceed to settlement. For Reale Mutua’s specialists, this translates into increased capabilities to provide timely and more responsive customer service, thanks to the ability to categorize and extract all relevant information from documents in a matter of minutes.