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Expert.ai Wins Best in Natural Language Processing Technology at the 2021 AI TechAwards

1 October 2021

The expert.ai platform awarded as a top example of the newest artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies allowing developers and engineers to build upon the burgeoning AI industry

Expert.ai today announced that its hybrid NL Platform has been awarded Best Natural Language Processing Technology in the 2021 AI TechAWards. The prestigious honor celebrates technical innovation, adoption and reception in the artificial intelligencemachine learning & data science industry and by the developer community.   

The 2021 AI TechAwards received hundreds of nominations, and the Advisory Board selected the expert.ai Platform based on three criteria: attracting notable attention and awareness in the AI, machine learning & data science industry; general regard and use by the developer & engineering community; and being a leader in its sector for innovation.

“The expert.ai Platform is a great example of the newest AI & machine learning technologies now allowing developers & engineers to build upon the burgeoning AI industry. Today’s cloud-based software and hardware increasingly run on systems needing increased data and intelligence. Expert.ai’s win at the 2021 AI TechAwards is evidence of their leading role in the growth of the AI ecosystem,” said Jonathan Pasky, executive producer & co-founder of DevNetwork, producer of AI Dev World & the 2021 AI TechAwards.

For the first time in the market, the expert.ai Platform enables the combination of different AI techniques to develop and deploy practical applications delivering business impacts and measurable benefits. By providing a deep understanding of any kind of documents (presentations, contracts, emails, reports, posts, social media messages, etc.), it helps organizations turn unstructured language data into structured data at speed and scale, augmenting knowledge discovery capabilities and streamlining the automation of complex, knowledge-centric processes.

“We are pleased to have received this award recognizing our Platform’s ability to create business value and a sustainable competitive advantage by leveraging the exponential growth of unstructured language data,” said Luca Scagliarini, chief product officer at expert.ai. “This recognition inspires us to maintain a strong focus on our unique vision of combining the best of knowledge-based and machine learning approaches to ease the burden of businesses, enabling them effectively address even the most complex cases that involves language”.

Automate Processes and Simplify Knowledge Discovery

Expand the capacity of your own experts by applying enterprise-wide natural language capabilities.

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Expert.ai lancia la nuova piattaforma ibrida basata sulla comprensione del linguaggio naturale